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18th-Jun-2014 06:31 pm - So I've been reading A Song of Ice and Fire series...
I'm a bit behind, I'm only just finishing A Clash of Kings, and I wouldn't call myself a fan. I'm reading them because I need to read, it's like air, and I have seriously been over the romance section of the bookstore for a while now (not that I wouldn't mind going back if I find something that spoke to me), and the books are written well enough (however long winded). GRRM has done a very good job developing some very interesting characters, and also his backstory to the books is fucking epic.

And what I've learned after finishing one of Theon Greyjoy's chapters last night is that GRRM has forgotten more ways of emotionally ripping the guts from his fans than Joss Whedon will ever learn.

(Jesus, dude. Can't anyone get a goddamned break in your books? Isn't there one sacred cow with you??)

So even though I'm wondering if I'm emotionally equipped to keep reading, I am sufficiently invested enough to do it. God help me.

And uh, if anyone is still wondering, I still love C/A, I still love writing them, but I am seriously lacking in time and attention span right now. Case in point, A Song of Ice and Fire is strictly bathroom reading.

It's the only uninterrupted (barley) time I have these days.

Unless no one still reading my stuff cares about plot? Then I could just do a couple of PWPs every weekend? Maybe?

25th-Mar-2014 11:05 pm - I've had this theory
no other place i'd rather be
I don't spend a lot of time thinking about Batman the character or the universe, but sometimes, when I'm working, my mind wanders to more interesting things.

I imagine that Gotham City and all the incredibly dangerous, sometimes psychotic, criminals that live there are nothing more than the dark parts of Bruce Wayne. I imagine Arkham, or however you spell it, is a cage in his mind and occasionally one of his dark parts escapes and he has to don the persona of Batman to lock them back up again.

Alternately, sometimes I think Bruce Wayne is a broken man sitting in an asylum somewhere and everything that happens in the graphic novels and movies are just fragments of his damaged mind - that the crime he witnessed against his parents tore his psyche apart years ago. Batman, the Joker, all the others, are all him, his mind trying to sort out and make sense of all the rooms in his brain. Yeah, kinda like Buffy in Normal Again.

It's pretty depressing actually.
16th-Mar-2014 03:56 am - fic post
in the arms of the angel
A quick 'go nowhere' ficlet, because it's 3:30 and I can't sleep apparently.

Title: Lost and Found
Author: Samsom
Rating: G
The Set Up: Cordelia gets chased by vampires and falls down the side of a hill somewhere in the woods outside Sunnydale.
Notes: There's really not much to it, I just felt like writing something with Cordelia and Angel, hurt/comfort. UNBETA'D. It if sucks, mea culpa.

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8th-Mar-2014 01:10 pm - What I've been up to
Actually, not much of anything other than the usual work, work, family, work. :)

I feel really rusty updating. I've let my writing slough off until LJ looks intimidating every time I'm logged on. I'm so used to a sentence or two being enough on my FB that more detail than that and I feel as though I'm talking to the air.

But I'm not. I'm talking to ya'll. :)

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1st-Feb-2014 12:40 am - fic post
Hey, look, not only am I updating my LJ, I'm doing it with writing. Good Lord. Anyway, Persephone. Basically I got triggered by a line from an 80s song, of all things, and two hours later, fic. Little fic.



Here's a link to my previous update, a mere seven months ago:



Title: Underneath the Drowning Water 6/?
Author: Samsom
Rating: R, for now, going into NC-17 eventually
Summary: Fighting her way back to sanity after Angelus’ attentions the previous spring, Cordelia now has to deal with his return from hell. AU of BtVS s3.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: Part of my Persephone series of fics, this is part 6 of Book 2. The previous four ficlets that make up Book 1 have been organized under a tag and stored in my memories. These are under the same tags. This installment is unbeta'd, and it probably shows. I'm not sure what I have can be beta'd, since it borders on nonsensical.

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8th-Dec-2013 11:44 am - Well
Times might be changing. Thanks to Suzanne Collins and her creation Katniss Everdeen, I got my daughter a good representation of a bow and some darts. Granted, everything was purple and pink, but it wasn't dolls, Barbies, or dress up items. And it was in the girls' section of Target.

Maybe next year, they'll be more of the same.
27th-Sep-2013 06:01 pm - Private joke
Today I was looking up conditions and jotting them down, like so -

H, E, T

H, C

C, A

But in my head, I was saying





as I was writing them down.

And having quite a good chuckle in an empty office.


In other news, Sleepy Hollow looks promising.
O Rly
If you're going to ask fans who their favorite character is, please use a promo pic that includes Cordelia fucking Chase. Using a s5 promo (probably because Spike was on it) pic is likely to cause some long time fans to regress and leave nasty, mean spirited comments instead of a straight-forward answer.


*this comment brought to you by near aneuryism-inducing rage*
28th-Aug-2013 08:39 pm - Charisma is my hero
head bitch always in charge
Watching her story on Surviving Evil.

She kept her head, she used the knowledge that she had of this creep's prior crimes, and did what she could to swing the odds as much in her and her friends' favor as she could.

All the time with a gun to her head.

Charisma is brave - braver than a slayer because hey, no superstrength, no quips at the ready, no weapons, nothing but herself, for reals.

I am so proud to be her fan.
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