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Hey, it's me. Just posting an entry to make sure i still can. It's been so long I nearly forgot how. Haha 😀 Say hello if you're inclined. I will see what I can do to post more often.

*edited to say WOW, I sound like damned bot with the stilted English...
no other place i'd rather be


Still here, I promise. But, this is my life right now:

*get up, make breakfast for kids, drive to work, work, drive home, stop at the grocery store and fight other after-work shoppers, drive home , make dinner, yell at kids to [fill in blank], yell at husband to [fill in blank], attempt to hear about everyone's day, clean after-dinner dishes, go on nightly 3 mile hike, go home, prep for the next day, fall into bed frantically thinking of ways to get more sleep the next night, go to sleep, wake up too early and start again*

I'm not even exaggerating for effect.

But the fangirl known as Samsom is still buried underneath mom/wife/office-worker, and she still wants to play. But unless there's been a discovery of 6 extra hours in the day, it won't happen soon. So keep it alive for me, fandom, I *will* be back.
perfect moment


What if A:tS was made into a huge movie?? I have the perfect Angel and Cordelia other than the perfect DB and CC!!

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock!

Tell me they aren't right for those roles. You can't. Because they are.

You know

I've been watching clips of Once More with Feeling off and on all day, and I finally got to the part where Buffy started dancing and burning up..............until Spike stops her. And you know....

I will always ship Spuffy. Not actively, not with my heart the way I ship C/A, but more as a matter of "duh, of course I put those two together.". He fecking stopped her from burning up. He. Stopped. Her. And he told her the absolute truth. The feeling she had will go away by living, she had to keep living. No wonder she trusts him. No wonder he's always there, right behind her, or off to the side of her. He belongs there.

I mean...*hands* You know?
foot fetish

C/A ficlet

It's rough and unbeta'd but I'm happy I actually finished something. Whoo-hoo. :)

Title: Footsies
Author: Samsom
Rating: PG
Summary: Cordelia knows something's changed, but she's not sure what. And then Angel does something unexpected. Set post s3 "Hearthrob". They aren't quite as lighthearted in this as they were in the first few episodes of s3. There might be more, but I'm absolutely NOT making any promises.

Collapse )

So I've been reading A Song of Ice and Fire series...

I'm a bit behind, I'm only just finishing A Clash of Kings, and I wouldn't call myself a fan. I'm reading them because I need to read, it's like air, and I have seriously been over the romance section of the bookstore for a while now (not that I wouldn't mind going back if I find something that spoke to me), and the books are written well enough (however long winded). GRRM has done a very good job developing some very interesting characters, and also his backstory to the books is fucking epic.

And what I've learned after finishing one of Theon Greyjoy's chapters last night is that GRRM has forgotten more ways of emotionally ripping the guts from his fans than Joss Whedon will ever learn.

(Jesus, dude. Can't anyone get a goddamned break in your books? Isn't there one sacred cow with you??)

So even though I'm wondering if I'm emotionally equipped to keep reading, I am sufficiently invested enough to do it. God help me.

And uh, if anyone is still wondering, I still love C/A, I still love writing them, but I am seriously lacking in time and attention span right now. Case in point, A Song of Ice and Fire is strictly bathroom reading.

It's the only uninterrupted (barley) time I have these days.

Unless no one still reading my stuff cares about plot? Then I could just do a couple of PWPs every weekend? Maybe?