samsom (samsom) wrote,

Yes, this is what I do in my spare time. Your point?

I was staring at some yummy icons when it dawned on me that Cordelia Chase might be the bitingest girl in the 'verse.

It's true. I counted.

Jesse nearly bit her in The Harvest. Angelus nearly bit her during Killed By Death. Xander and Willow both bit her at the same time in the Wishverse. Russell Winters tried like hell to bite her but got his ass kicked by Angel. Harmony wanted to bite her during Disharmony. Darla bit her during Offspring and got thrown through a door for her trouble. Angel dreams about biting her in Deep Down. Liam wants to bite her during Spin the Bottle (so much so that he vamps spontaneously). Last but not least, Spike takes a bite out of her during You're Welcome and got spanked by Angel (*sob*).

Am I missing anything? Other than some of those bites being near misses and, in one case, in Angel's dream? My LJ, my game, my rules. :P

ETA: Feel free to let me know anytime my grammar begins to suck. Really. Don't leave me to find it on my own, it may take days. *headdesk*

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