samsom (samsom) wrote,


Oh yes....

The sun and the rain clouds are vying for space in the sky, playing tag with each other and giving a divine light/dark show for me. The wind is a bit crisp, coming in through the windows and blowing off the cobwebs of summer, sweeping through the corners of my house.

I love Fall.

Get ready for darker themes from my C/A - this time of year just takes hold of me sometimes.


Rita's just on big, throbbing ovary, isn't she? What a little earth momma with the candles and feminine house dresses and the slow, sexy music and decandent chocolate pudding.

I don't believe for a second she's pregnant - or, if she is, it won't go all the way to birth. It's only the third season, way too early to toss the baby curve ball.

I loved Dexter's junky act, even if i don't get the oreo eating. He's got the worst luck with walking in at exactly the wrong moment, though.

And a drug dealer that's a serial killer in his spare time? That's a new one.

ETA: Sorry. Wrong damned code. *blushes*
Tags: autumn, dexter, fall

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