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The night before Thanksgiving - crowded highway, torrential downpour of rain, 2 feet of visibility. The car in front of me hit her brakes, and they engaged. I hit my brakes and kept moving. Stupid slippery wet stuff.

My fender, meet the back end of the car in front of me. How do you do? *Henry Higgins*

Thank God for American metal. It barely left a dent....well. Except for the one in my nerves. And the adrenaline dump has left me with a shiner of a headache on top of things.

I won't lie. Driving to work Tuesday morning is going to be a little nerve-racking.


Okay. I want to rant. Just ignore me if you need to, I just need to get this off my chest without causing a wank. So, you know, LJ = Godsend.

Know what kind of shipper I absolutely loathe with a fiery passion? The kind that feels this intense need to villify one party in order to saintify (I don't care if it's not a word) their favorite part of a couple. In this case, this person ranted that Elliot Stabler is kept from his Twu Wuv Forever by his Evil Wife, who had an evil baby (who's so obviously not his anyway) in which to trap Elliot in the cage of their dead marriage. And she can't hope to compete with Olivia and her Victoria's Secret underwear because she's (the Evil Wife) just a shrew that actually wants her husband to call if he's going undercover, and lets him get up with his very own child in the middle of the night while she goes back to sleep.

Evil, I tell you.


Stupid little tweener. This girl has such a long road ahead of her in terms of life and the shades and differences in how a person loves and who a person loves. The idea that Elliot Stabler might love his wife and still have feelings for Olivia is so alien to her, her head would probably explode if she contemplates it for more than one second.



Much. Better.
Tags: fender bender, rant

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