samsom (samsom) wrote,

Bleeping Bleepity Bleepity Bleep!!!

Who in their right mind writes as a form of relaxation?



Okay, so while I'm trying to write this motha, I'm also watching the Bourne Ultimatum (for the sixth time, I think) and I've realized one of my bulletproof kinks is in this movie. Nikki Parsons is being chased by a gov't killer through some exotic city like Morroco and they're both being pursued by Jason Bourne, intent on saving her before the killer catches up with her.

It's the same kind of scene I set up in Ghost Hunting Cordelia Chase. I got such a charge out of writing that scene, and now I know why.

This'll probably appear in another fic before too long.

Just giving fair warning. :)
Tags: one step forward fifty steps back

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