samsom (samsom) wrote,

RPF fic ahead!

Title: What the Girl Saw
Author: Samsom
Pairing: CC/DB
Rating: R, but not for sex unfortunately. Not a lot of sex anyway.
Summary: A new girl on the set of Angel: The Series sees something interesting. Set early s1.
Disclaimer: I’m not a Hollywood insider. I have no idea what working on a television show is all about so forgive me for any mistakes there. I also have no clue about CC or DB’s personal lives, except that CC is divorced and DB is very happily married to his beautiful wife, Jamie. This is fantasy. Mine, to be exact. It shouldn’t be taken for more than that.
Dedicated: To damnskippytoo. I hope this is a little of what you were hoping for, and I promise I’m not finished.


Less than a week on the job, and she’s already on location.


It’s not Berlin or London, but it’s downtown Los Angeles and she’s excited as hell. Not only is she working on a real live hit television show but she’s getting paid for it too.

Mom and dad will have to stop nagging at her to come home to boring Ohio now, she thinks gleefully.

Trailers are set up for the talent, and there’s one for food as well. It’s the last one to roll in, and at the end of a very long night shoot everyone stampedes for it as soon as the director yells cut. She decides to wait a little, unsure of herself around so many new faces.

It’s a good time to catch a smoke so she sneaks away from Nikki, her department head, and strolls down behind to the last two trailers lined up on the grass, lighting her butt with practiced moves.

She’s inhaling the first, wonderful drag and holding the smoke in as long as possible when she hears a soft sigh. Feeling the nicotine course seeping through her lungs and out into her body, she turns and peeks from her position at the front of the trailer.

In between the trailers, standing in the soft, dewy grass, are two bodies, a man and woman, holding onto each other.

Her jaw drops when she recognizes the shoulders on the man, and then the hair on the woman.

David Boreanaz is hugging Charisma Carpenter, and not in a ‘let’s-be-best-buddies’ kind of way either.

Knowing she’s looking at something no one’s supposed to see, and being curious enough not to stop just because of that, she turns and hugs the front of the trailer, leaning her head forward enough so that she’s peeking around the corner with just her eye exposed.

He’s got his face buried in her neck, stroking her hair with one hand while his other arm is looped low on her hips, pulling her close. She has her arms up around his back, bottle of water dangling from one hand.

It’s the most possessive hold she’s ever seen.

“David.” It’s so low she almost doesn’t hear it. “Someone might come.”

Someone already has.

“I hope so,” he snickers gently, lifting his head and kissing her. They don’t do much more than that for a minute or two; mouths moving against each other, little sounds from both of them, and the cold air catches their hot breaths as they huff and inhale.

She licks her lips, getting a little hot herself.

Luckily, he’s just an actor and not the vampire he plays on TV, so he never hears or sees her. He lifts Charisma up until her feet dangle slightly from the ground, and she thinks he wouldn’t be aware of anything short of a freight train at this point.

He’s breathing harder, she sees it dance in the air above his head, and leans down for another kiss.

“You’re making it too hard, David,” Charisma whispers again, and evidently David Boreanaz is a big perv because he just snickers again. Charisma pushes against him until he lets her go and she tries to take a step back. “I mean it. I’m with Damien, you’re married. Not to mention this could get us fired.”

Really? She knows this sort of thing happens all the time on sets, but she’s never heard of anyone getting fired over it.

David grabs her hand, pulls and tugs on her arm until she reluctantly comes forward, biting her lower lip like she’s a little girl getting tempted by someone offering candy, and steps right up to him.

“Dickhead isn’t here, Chari. Davey is. It’s not the same as it was.”

He leans down and bites her lower lip, tugging a little and she makes a sound like a kitten, following and kissing him again, burying her hands in the nape of his neck.

This kiss is longer than the others, as though he’s trying to kiss the good sense out of Charisma. But there’s no more protesting from her, just kisses that look like making love, and hands that trace hollows and valleys and she wonders if maybe she’s about to see something more than just mouths touching.

She doesn’t want to avert her eyes though, move on and give them some privacy. She wants to move closer, watch them as they hold and touch and kiss the fuck out of each other.

She hopes they do more.

But just when Charisma’s little kitten sounds turn into moans, David breaks off and stares down at her.

Even from a distance, she can see the tension in him, the way he clutches at Charisma’s hips and tries to lean into her with his body. He wants her.

But does he want her enough to forget the public venue?

She holds her breath, waiting.

And nearly screams when she hears her name being called.


She turns and hurries toward the sound, her heels clicking loudly against the concrete sidewalk, hoping David and Charisma heard it.

She doesn’t think they should get fired for what she saw.

Especially since she thinks what she saw was love.


For now.

Tags: cc/db fic, rpf fic

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