samsom (samsom) wrote,

the last 48 hours in numbers

Number of venti-sized coffees (with Hazelnut creamer) consumed today: 3

Number of '80's-type music downloaded since Thursday: 5
a. Forever Young - Rod Stewart
b. Forever Young - Alphaville
c. Self Control - Laura Branigan (rip)
d. Goodbye - Night Ranger
e. She's A Beauty - The Tubes

Number of times I thought of Cordelia and Angel in porny situations since last night: 50

Number of porny fics written: 0

Number of times since last night I fell asleep sitting up: 3


Random question #1 (brought to you by religious etiquette):

When passing a Rabbi in the hallway, what's the best way to greet him?

Like I would anyone else? "Hi, how are you?"


As though I'm meeting the Pope? "Hello, Rabbi, how are you?" *genuflects*


Random question #2 (brought to you by my shiny, pretty icon):

Why was Angel so comfortable walking into Cordelia's room when she was in her towel?

Pervy minds wants pervy explanantions. :D

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