samsom (samsom) wrote,

The upside of the stomach flu

is that my body does a kind of 'reboot'.

For about a week, I can't tolerate complicated, heavy foods. So it's a lot of salads with a light sprinkle of Italian dressing, Lean Cuisine lunches, and small portions, topped by liberal applications of water and juice. And, most important, no sodas.

A week later and I feel lighter, more energetic.

The downside is that, eventually, my body recovers and begins to long for the things that are bad for it.

My mission is to keep riding this healthy eating wave for as long as possible, with the most important part being portion control. This should be easy since I've come to loathe the stuffed feeling in my stomach after a too big meal.

*crosses fingers*


I watched a bit of XF, Biogenesis a little while ago. If there's one thing I am sure of in life, it's that Dana Scully did not like Diana Fowler. Sheesh. If sideway looks could kill, that woman would be a stain on the floor. And if Scully knew Diana was in Mulder's apartment with him, handing him the phone so he could talk to her...oh, it'd be on. Scully was so territorial with Mulder, it used to crack me up. lol


The quest for time to write continues, but I am still losing. And I miss it. I miss writing Cordelia and Angel. *sigh*


Ghost Hunters continues to be my favorite current show. Jason Hawes cracks me up because you could show him chairs that move by themselves but he'll just go "okay, what else ya got?" A closet door opens in The Stanley Hotel, and a glass breaks, and he casually gets up, adjusts the camera and goes back to sleep. Meanwhile, there'd be a Samsom-shaped hole in the door and that'd be the last you'd see of me.


lostakasha dreamt about bad little monkeys the other night. I dreamt about people making werewolves out of dead dog and people parts. Disgusting when not moving but when animated, they became snarling, cannablistic monsters. My whole thought as I was trying to swing myself out of the pit by a pulley and hook, was that nothing good ever came out of people playing around with nature.

Sometimes I think watching BtVS/AtS as much as I have, and writing fanfic, has made me permanently snarky in inappropriate situations. lol


Secret message:
Girls, email me! Otherwise, I'll have to do some housework. lol
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