samsom (samsom) wrote,


My dreams...sometimes they make no sense and other times, they hand me what I want on a silver platter. Last night I dreamt I went to the prom with the Scoobies. Old school, yo. Oz, Willow, Buffy, pretty Cordy in her sparkly dress, Xander, and Angel I think. And who did I want to hook up with?



Not that I don't think Oz is lickable, but short guys don't do much for me usually, plus he's never been on my radar, and really, Angel's standing by the punch bowl in his tux and I'm trying to get with OZ?

::smacks subconscious upside the head::


And there may have been dancing...The Macarena.

::smacks subconscious again::


I have a sekrit to share.


I sort of like Dust In The Wind. It gets played for laughs, I know, but I think it's kind of pretty, and the guitars and violins are very sad in a good kind of way. When I hear it, I'm sort of like that guy on Seinfeld who stopped everything he did - even surgery - when he heard Desperado.

Um, yeah, like that.

So, if I request it to be played at my funeral, with my ashes being scattered, um, you know, in the wind, are people going to keel over and break something trying not to laugh?

Because that's what I want.

::hangs head::

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