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I have been so lazy lately, not wanting to post about anything much. But, this is an LJ, and I am paying for it, so -

My 4th was fun. Drove out to a field on a hill that overlooks a number of wineries and a large park. A few of the wineries and the park put on a fireworks show every year. We had chairs and blankets and snacks. Didn't honestly think I needed blankets, this being July in Paso Robles, but omg, once the sun went down, the temp dropped from 90 degrees to 50. I had capris and flip flops on. Brrr. But I packed three blankets and coats for the kids, plus my trusty pull over, so, you know, parts of me were warm enough. My daughter sat in the back of my friend's truck under her blanket and my son fell asleep after I wrapped him in his coat and two blankets and sat him in my lap with his pacifier. He fell asleep and slept through the whole twenty minute display - and we were pert near underneath the closest works, so wow. Wish he slept that well at home. My daughter screamed in excitment once it started and pretty much didn't stop for five minutes. LOL

So today, I am relaxing, hoping to finish a c/a ficlet before the weekend is over, and jonesing for a really good, really scary movie. Supernatural, not slasher. Anyone seen that one Robert De Niro did a couple of years ago? Is it any good?

Oh, and I've been lurking on the fringes of the warnings 'debate' the last few days, reading both sides. I've never had any occurances for my fic, but I don't think, in case I write something especially harsh (like what I plan on getting done today), that I want to hurt anyone who may stumble on it, so my new rule is that I will warn for anything that I think might be trigger-ish. Do I have to do this? No. But I don't want to hurt anyone either. I don't honestly know if anything I've ever written has ever been triggery for anyone, and maybe I'm overstating my importance in the fanfic community, but better safe than sorry.
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