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tales from a fangirl
Status remains quo 
28th-Feb-2010 02:39 pm
without drugs because sometimes I think they clutter up the situation rather than clearing it. I go back to the doctor on Friday for a follow up so hopefully there will be another round of antibiotics in the near future.

Son is over his respiratory infection and daughter is almost over her sinus/ear infection, and I will be shopping for a new pediatrician as soon as possible (long story involving my kids' pedatrician's office staff, practices and policies and one unnecessary, but necessary, trip to the ER last Wednesday afternoon). I was so mad at the office that day I literally could not make sounds come out of my mouth.

Been happily devouring Criminal Minds as the DVR picks them up. Saw Lucky the other night, which is the episode Garcia gets shot in. I had such a hard time placing the man who shoots her. It wasn't until I pictured him with dark hair that I realized it was Riley's taciturn, Angel-lookalike friend, Graham. Who knew he could, you know, act?

Have I mentioned I am really starting to adore Garcia, and shipping her and Morgan most exclusively - but without the fantacism that I display for my OTP. I just think their chemistry is awesome and there are genuine feelings on both sides that should be exploited. Er. Explored.

It's getting exciting. fantas_magoria is under new management, so things are certain to rev up in that comm. Tomorrow begins a new week and a new episode, Lover's Walk, a favorite of just about everyone's. My girl Cordelia gets roughed up emotionally and physically, but through it all she knows what is love and what it isn't and moves on accordingly. I wished I'd been that strong at that age. *sigh*

And xlivvielockex has a little something-something up her talented sleeve, I think, so that's something else to look forward to.

In the meantime, I'm going to plug in my earbuds and hope that something resembling a fic takes shape. Or possibly clean and do laundry. I'll take whichever.
28th-Feb-2010 10:47 pm (UTC)
I love Morgan and Garcia.
1st-Mar-2010 05:43 am (UTC)
Aww, thanks for the plug there, bb. I hope you can find a new doc for the kidlings. I always have the worst luck finding new doctors.
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