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Written for fantas_magoria and reposted here for archiving.

Title: Vision
Author: Samsom
Summary: Vocah opened Cordelia to all the pain and death the world had to offer, including the ones that never happened. References The Wish.


Cordelia remembers dying, but she’s never died.

She remembers the feel of fangs penetrating her flesh, but she’s never been bitten.

The cold flickering of two tongues, like spiders along her neck.

How does she know what the tickle of red hair mixing with black feels like against her skin, and the press of two ungiving bodies?

And the stiffness of leather?

She tries to place the memory, the event, within the framework of her known life, and fails.

But she knows.

Red and black, hard and soft, laughing and crying. It’s all there, just beyond the veil in her mind, including desperate, red-rimmed eyes that see everything.

She gazes into them and wonders why he looks so broken, so lost.

Why is Giles watching her die?

When did she wake up on fire?

Tags: cordelia fic, genfic

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