samsom (samsom) wrote,

Things that drive me bananas

and really, I mean no offense to anyone who's ever used these things in fic. I'm sure I've done it. But it still makes me crazy. And I saw one of them again today, hence the unloading onto my flist.

1. Referring to a phrase/nickname/term-of-endearment in fic set in a time before the phrase was uttered in canon. In the world of C/A, it's the term man...pire. Angel says it early in the third season in a moment of supreme, and supremely adorable, dorkness. Whe Angel uses it in a fic set before that moment in canon, doesn't stop me from enjoying the fic, or even worshipping at its feet, but it makes me pause. Like, I get what it signifies, that unique relationship or moment in time, but it was part of a word vomit brought on by the epiphany that he was in love with his best friend, and something equally profound, and similar, should be going on for him to pre-empt his canon usage of it. If Cordelia thinks it or says it, before that moment, then fuggetaboutit. It throws me out. She doesn't read minds, and she doesn't see into the future, so she has no reason to use that term before that moment with Angel.

2. The term smoochies used for kisses. I have this idea that Joss Whedon is an overgrown twelve-year-old, thus he seems to love that word (and I might be unfair in ascribing it soley to him, but since I've heard him use it, either in print or in commentary, he must at least approve of the term). Doesn't mean fandom should. Smoochie is an adolescent word used to describe an erotic kiss between two lovers, a grown up act meant to arouse....and it crazes me (to use Cordy's word) when Willow uses it, and it crazes me that Buffy used it once. In short, there is nothing sexy about smoochie, and I sometimes think Joss or the other writers had Willow use the term in order to underscore the cuteness of her, or the child-like innocence of her. In high school, maybe. But as a college-aged girl with one boyfriend and several near death misses behind her...a big, fat no. As Xander so perceptively put it, "if you're doing it, you should be able to say it."

Thus endeth the rant.
Tags: rant

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