samsom (samsom) wrote,

I'm spamming. Sue me.

But Bad Eggs is on Logo and I just noticed the oddest thing.

After Buffy and Xander are knocked out, Xander is dragged into the closet by Willow and Cordelia who each have an arm, and who stumbles just the tiniest bit under his weight.

No problem. Willow's lacking a bit in the weight department but my bb is strong of body as well as mind, so it doesn't look odd.

Until Buffy- itty, bitty Buffy - is dragged in after him by two large jocks.


Is this some subconscious acknowledgement by the students that Buffy isn't normal?

Or is it the Bezore? And if it is, it doesn't think much of Xander if it thinks two girls are enough to subdue him if he comes to.

Just a mind tickler, but a fun one. :P

Awww, Giles and Joyce have a bonding moment in the library. Sort of.

I'm still cleaning, btw.

I hope she appreciates this.

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