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30 Days of Angel - Day Twenty. For real.

Catching up isn't spamming, right?

From The Ring:

EDDIE: (sore from the beating he's inflicting) Ice. Helps keep the swelling down. You got a hard head there, boy.

Wesley: Stop that.

ERNIE: Who’s this?

Wesley: I’m Wesley Wyndham-Pryce. And I’m looking for my employer. He came here to question you about Jack Macnamara.

ERNIE: Maybe you didn’t notice. I’m kind of busy here.

Wesley: Where is he?

Ernie: Your boss – gave me $200 to answer his questions. I’m a businessman. Make an offer.

Wesley: You should understand that the man I work for means a great deal to me. And I will not give you a single red cent. What I will do, Sir, is beat it out of you if I have to.

(The guys in the room break out into laughter.)

ERNIE: You’re from another country, right? (Wesley pulls a crossbow from behind his back) What are you, Robin Hood?

(Ernie pulls out a gun, but Wesley shoots the gun out of his hand, the metal dart pinning Ernie’s hand to the wall. The gun slides across the floor and Wesley picks it up and aims it at the rest of the men as they are going for their guns. )

Wesley: Please drop those. (to the victim) You can go now. (to Ernie) Now. Where is my employer?

Just as good as, if not better than, any Ripper scene from BtVS. Wesley is amazingly competent when Angel isn’t around. He takes care of business. The reason the above is my favorite Wesley moment, though, is that Wesley doesn’t have to be dark to be bad-ass, something I’m afraid the writers didn’t understand later on. My canon on this is Wesley went to the same Watcher school as Giles, and despite his beginnings on BtVS, they teach their Watchers to be somewhat bad-ass when those Watchers are tapped to watch over a Slayer. He’s very good with darts and guns, and crossbows, and I think that’s innate to his character and not something he learned in Angel’s company.

Anyway, I love when a scene shows more about a character than was previously assumed or revealed, and this scene would be it for me and Wesley.

Honorable mention goes to Wesley in Untouched, immediately sussing out exactly what Bethany’s issues were and then “pulling that trigger” as ruthlessly as he did. Competent Watcher is competent

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