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tales from a fangirl
30 Days of Buffy - Day One 
1st-Sep-2010 04:01 pm
I have five Buffyverse icons - two Spuffy, two Buffy and one Spike. So I'm going to keep using my Angel/Cordy/C-A icons too, during this meme.

Favorite Season:


I have two.

Season 5:

I’ve watched BtVS since the pilot first aired on the WB. I never missed an episode. I watched The Pack forty times. I spent s2 perpetually wondering where they were going with all that. I worried about Angel’s soul, if he was going to stay an asshole. If he still loved Buffy. I worried that he wouldn’t come back when s3 aired. S4 was good but you can really tell Seth Green and Lindsay Crouse’s exits affected the story arc that year.

But s5 is the season where I was hooked. I remember seeing the preview for Buffy vs. Dracula and getting ridiculously, physically excited….I think it was Restless that had raised the bar so high. Whatever it was, I suddenly needed the Buffyverse. An hour a week was so not enough. I needed more Giles, more Magic Shop, cemetery sequences. SPIKE. SPUFFY! OMG! All that energy that I thought I saw in School Hard and Harsh Light of Day exploded all over the screen like a burst zit. He took care of Dawn and fought with Buffy against Glory, and Tara’s raised chin when Glory was asking her where the key was and it was *hurting* her. Willow’s black eyes. Oy. S5 was the first season I needed more than to just watch the show. I needed fandom. Fic. Art. Vids. I needed to read what other people thought – and wasn’t that a revelation!

It was the first season where I could more identify with the Scoobies because they were growing up (I was twenty-six when WttH first aired), and their problems became more relatable. I fell in love in s5, with Buffy and her arc. It was the first season I felt that her losses were soul-searing. And I loved The Gift for its perfectly executed final ten minutes. Buffy’s jump, Spike’s face, Giles’ brokenness. It was the first time any show perfectly satisfied everything I wanted out of it.

Honorable mention goes to s2. There’s a moody atmosphere to s2 that I adore. All those Bronze and cemetery scenes, the hushed menace amplified by all that brooding music that threaded through the episodes. From Surprise to Becoming II. It was just excellent storytelling.

1st-Sep-2010 11:37 pm (UTC)
S2 and S3 are qualitatively the best without question, but... S5 is kind of my favorite too. I have no way of explaining this whatsoever besides 'it is awesome, you guys, no really.'

But I am the biggest "The Gift" fan in town so that is probably part of it. Also I love Dawn, haters to the left.
2nd-Sep-2010 02:41 am (UTC)
With s1-s4, I loved the show but there was some distance involved. I wasn't personally wounded by anything that happened. s5 was the 'official' start of Spuffy, and Buffy's losses....well, shit got real that season. And I became incredibly invested in all the characters. I mean, as hostile to Xander as I am most of the time, I even worried that he'd be the one to die in The Gift because of all the damned 'carpenter' references that littered the ground that season. And I was worried it would be Anya because they'd just gotten secretly engaged and she pushed him out of the way and a ton of bricks fell on her and - and, God I NEVER thought it was going to be Buffy. It was such a fucking gutpunch there at the end, with Spike's face, Giles....

I'm all verklempt now.
2nd-Sep-2010 04:46 am (UTC)
I totally agree with you actually. As much as I love S3, which I do, I think S5 probably eeks out because well, I -like- Dawn and Glory is one of the best villians out there. Plus heartbreaking Willow/Tara, and there are so many incredible well crafted episodes in that season.
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