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tales from a fangirl
30 Days of Buffy - Day Eleven 
11th-Sep-2010 06:51 pm
we are the champions
Things are quiet around here but given what day this is, I'm not surprised.


B/A isn’t my favorite either but since it was pretty much the point of s2, and I think it was used in a way that showed both Buffy’s weakness and her ultimate strength, I thought it worked well enough.

But I never saw the point to Buffy/Riley. From the way he was introduced in the s4 premiere – making it blaringly obvious that he was the New Love Interest – to the blasé way he dismissed Buffy’s Angel-pain in Doomed without knowing shit about that goatfuck, to the shaky way he handled her being stronger than him, I just didn’t have a lot of reasons to root for that ‘ship.

Riley is a great guy in RL terms but incredibly vanilla in fictional terms. I remember thinking that the show was trying too hard in whipping up some angst in s4 with the pull between Buffy and the Initiative, because I still didn’t care who Riley ended up choosing.

Then, when his real issues cropped up in s5 and he was walking the dark side with the vamp suck jobs, he began to get just a little interesting to me. Then came his confrontation with Buffy, and his whole reason for the vamp suck jobs, laying it all at Buffy’s door, blaming her for not being able to cry like a proper girl in his arms and reassure him in his role as her boyfriend.

Way not to understand Buffy and what drives her, Riley.

I was glad to see him go.

I will say kudos to Riley for giving Buffy some angst and trouble free sex, though. The girl needed it.

But I was still glad to see him go.

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