samsom (samsom) wrote,

30 Days of Buffy - Day Nineteen

I'm really getting these under the wire these days, aren't I?

Is there such an animal? LOL

I can’t think of any universally hated character that I liked. Maybe Spike. He’s pretty adored by big gobs of fandom, and rightly so, imo, but he’s got his haters and those not particularly impressed with his story. I was actually surprised when I ran into the Spike dislike. My first exposure to differing viewpoints. But I learned a lot.

I just will always root for Spike because he was constantly beating against the window of “winning”. I love the underdog as much as I love that alpha male that always wins. Spike’s core of humanness and his exaltation in being a demon, all of it just makes for an incredibly compelling character. Not to mention I think he was made to fight by Buffy’s side and he looks good there.

So there you have it.

Tags: 30 days of buffy, meme

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