September 11th, 2011

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Title: The Show Goes On
Author: Samsom
Paring: C/A ish
Summary: Angel takes care of Cordelia, and almost confesses something important.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: A little bit of a bridge between the teaser of Belonging and the first act. Beta'd by damnskippytoo.

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damnskippytoo and I are hosting the Stranger Things Halloween Ficathon celebrating C/A this year. We have three writers signed up so far, including me. We'd love to have more, because there can never be enough spooky, scary, funny, cute Halloween themed fic involving our favorite couple - Cordelia/Angel.

You do need to register with Stranger Things in order to view the thread (in Fanfic Help/Recommendations) and to sign up for the ficathon, but it's as easy and as quick as falling off a log, so I hope to see some LJers over there, signing up to write and leaving prompts and fic ideas.

And is it terrible that I've already had an idea of what I want to write, despite not having prompts yet?