samsom (samsom) wrote,

Hobbies can be Healthy

I've been preoccupied the last week, maybe two. I won't say with what, because that's a secret.

But I noticed today that I've been love songs.

No. Not love songs.

Obsession songs.

So far I've downloaded Burnin' Sky by Bad Company, Possum Kingdom by the Toadies, Obsession by Animotion (hello, old skool), and today, What Do I Have To Do by Stabbing Westward.

THANK GOD FOR iTUNES, and having music available literally at my fingertips.

These four will join Need to Destroy by THC, and Never An Easy Way by Morcheeba on my brand-new, unhealthy as hell playlist of unlove songs.

I expect the next fic I manage to write will...not be fluffy.

And in case a certain two people are wondering, I AM still working on the two fics I said I'd write.
Tags: music, update

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