samsom (samsom) wrote,

2010 Fic Roundup

I was kind of hoping 2010 would have been more productive than it ended up being. That said, I wrote more than I thought I did.


Cordelia Fic:

Angelus Fic:

Persephone entries:

A Joyce gen fic for fantas_magoria

The next five links are from various comment ficathons that were held in late summer, and were a lot of fun. Mixed in them are genfic about characters who are not Cordelia or Angel. Shocking, but I figured out I could write other characters, so go me!

This link goes to an entry for unfinished fics I had on my harddrive, so there's a mishmash going on, although they're mostly C/A:


I really hope I didn't miss any. My tags are all over the place, and I suppose if I had a NY resolution, it's going to be to be better at tagging stuff.

It's a rainy day today, maybe I can knock out some writing on one or the other of my longer fics.

Tags: 2010 fic roundup

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