samsom (samsom) wrote,

I should post

Like an idiot, I let my inhaler run out without thinking of getting a refill. Well, I was hoping it would last until Monday, which is payday for me. It's the start of the year so there's a deductible on my prescription and I was hoping I didn't have to take that hit until it was comfortable to do so. But alas, my inhaler gasped its last, last night.

And since knowing my inhaler was out caused me to be anxious, and sometimes stress and/or anxiety triggers my asthma, I spent last night having small asthma attacks. I gave up the hope that my will alone would stop them sometime around 5 a.m., and drove to a 24 hour pharmacy over in the next town and got my refill.

I am such a dumbass.

The ST St. Valentine's Day Smut-athon begins posting on Feb. 13th both at Stranger Things and at ca_atlast...I am about half way done, with 1700 words completed. I am really, really hoping to finish early so I can write another one, as the prompts were just so tempting this year, so if I don't fall asleep this afternoon, I plan on finishing today. *crosses fingers*

But maybe a nap first.
Tags: ficathon, random

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