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tales from a fangirl
It is done 
5th-Mar-2011 09:06 pm
After an afternoon spent stimulating the economy, Wuthering Heights is mine. I am just through the Forward, though, having read it by the light of my iPod on the way back from SLO.

I also picked up the latest Suzanne Brockman in paperback, and The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker. Everyone, especially women, on my flist should read this book. It is invaluable in reassuring us that we need to trust our instincts more and not be so worried about societal politeness. It could save our lives. I'm not even a little bit ironic about that last sentence. I work in an area that deals with violence in California, and yesterday I wanted to rant and rant about how many men out there feel murder is a viable alternative to divorce or breaking up with their wives or girlfriends. It's almost ridiculous how many things I have to read that include details like "found his wife in the trunk of his car" and "went to her workplace and shot her twice in the chest and once in the face". So I think this book will be incredibly helpful in validating those instincts that we shush because "he seems harmless."

Three books! I haven't had three books that I wanted to read in my possession at the same time since before my son was born. Holy crap. I'll be up all night reading. *bounces*
6th-Mar-2011 05:12 pm (UTC)
I need to get Suz's new book. I just haven't had time to do ANY reading. That is my goal this summer, to finish all the Troubleshooters I haven't read yet. There was one that was so impossible for me to find at the used bookstores I go to, I ended up ordering it.

The Gift of Fear is amazeballs and I agree with you 100%. I bought five copies at a clearance sale once, 99 cents each, and then gave them as presents. I kind of want to do a re-read now.

See what you did! You made me all jealous with your free time to read whatever you like. *fist shake*
7th-Mar-2011 05:28 am (UTC)
Free time? No. I'll be stealing time anywhere I can get away with it just to read. I even plan on taking breaks at work for the next week, which I never really do, because I'm excite for having the reading in my purse. LOL

Which book was so hard to find?
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