samsom (samsom) wrote,

Does cancellations count

as spoilers?

How happy am I that the Criminal Minds spinoff, the one that cost us AJ Cook and Paget Brewster on the original, was cancelled?


Female characters who are more than just eye candy and damsels are few and far between. It's even rarer to find TWO awesome female characters who have agency and drive plot on one show. Criminal Minds has three ladies. Until CBS lost their minds and fired two of them for the sake of a spinoff. Emily Prentiss and JJ Jarreau were irreplaceable, and without them, I wouldn't be surprised if s7 was CM's last.

Behold the awesome women of Criminal Minds:

p.s. Penelope was being awesome after recovering from a gunshot wound and was being stalked during her clip. At full strength, she's truly scary.

Screw you, CBS, for not recognizing the gold mine you guys had.
Tags: criminal minds, videos

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