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One of these days, I'll get my act together and continue posting the 30 day meme. But I'm feeling kind of lacksadaisy or how however you spell that, at the moment.

*So last night I had an incredibly vivid dream, the kind that I've only ever had probably twice before in my life, involving flowers again. This one was in some very lush, very green fields, with huge trees and green, green grass everywhere, and a mist of rain falling down. But not the kind of rain that gets everything wet, if that makes sense. There was a huge crowd of people, mostly wearing white, milling around (I got the impression they were mostly co-workers of mine), and I think they were trying to play a game of cricket. I remember a weird looking bat and shin protectors that went up to the knees. Everything is happening in slow-motion, like we're all moving through clear syrup, and I'm walking around looking for someone in particular when I look down and see a gathered bunch of white and purple flowers, so I pick them up and walk around with them. I think I kept waving them around, expecting something to happen. I was still looking for someone (I know who I was looking for) when I looked up and saw that person way across the slo-mo crowd. I rush over, going around the crowd rather than through them, and when I get to the other side, the rain gets heavier and the person I was looking for turns out to be someone else. Who's drenched. I'm disappointed but I still have the flowers and for some reason, that was very important.

So yeah. It doesn't make sense the way dreams never do but it was one of those very vividly colored dreams that took place in an almost soft focus kind of way, and involved flowers again. Before, I'd dreamt of white orchids and jasmine (gasp!) and now some flower I don't even know in white and purple.

*Somehow, I think this has to do with me finishing Jane and the Madness of Lord Byron last night. If anyone's wondering, I really enjoyed the book and I rec it to anyone who's looking for some mostly gen RPF. It's beautifully written in the style and prose of the day but easy to follow. Very different than my usual romantic suspense.

*Tomorrow is the first day of school. My pretty little monster is going to be a third grader and is already feeling anxious. Oh, social anxiety, when will you ever go out of style?

*Her daycare provider is closing up shop because my daughter has been her only child for a year now and she can't afford to keep things going. It's going to be another change in our lives, as she has been going to K for three years and feels like a member of their family. I've found a spot for her at the YMCA after school program in town and it's about $150 cheaper but I will miss K. I like her a lot and I've found her to be very nurturing. It's a shame she lives a little too far out of town for most people's comfort. *sigh*

Anyway, night all. :)

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