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tales from a fangirl
fic post 
18th-Sep-2011 10:21 am
Title: Seer
Author: Samsom
Characters: Cordelia
Summary: Some priests torture a girl. A missing scene from Over the Rainbow.
Disclaimer: Still not mine.
Notes: My own head canon on how Cordy was tortured. Just a little over 200 words. Thanks to damnskippytoo for the beta. Yeah, this is all there is. Creativity only comes in small spurts these days. :)

Her head is burning.

It’s nothing sharp in their hands, no instruments that stab or peel or slice through her flesh.

It’s nothing but a glowing orb that she can’t look away from, forcing the images out like a freshman pledge vomiting up Schlitz’s Malt Liquor.

Silas’ green face grins in the background, his red eyes glowing ever brighter the more she screams. He likes her pain – she’s just a cow - he likes her screams and the way she flails as the visions overwhelm her.

She reaches with her hands clawing the air, trying to reach the people she can almost smell, their pain and terror multiplied times a thousand.

She’s on her belly crawling through body parts, she’s falling through a hole into a mouth, she’s a child locked in a closet and a mother who feels her baby ripped from her body, she’s a girl buried in a ditch and a boy who can’t get the blood off his hands.

The visions come, slithering out of her head like snakes escaping the basket, and she can’t stop them. All she can do is See.

When it’s done, when they fall back again like the tide at dawn, Cordelia slumps over, tasting vomit in her mouth.

Silas steps back as the light from the orb diminishes, pleased.


19th-Sep-2011 02:45 am (UTC)
Oh, nice descriptions!
19th-Sep-2011 03:33 am (UTC)
Thank you! :)
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