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Since I started in my present position, every time my boss wants to know what he has in his office as far as files go, he's asked me. Like, he shouts to me from his office and I answer because for some reason, I know what he has in there better than he does. It's not a conscious effort on my part, his memory for what he has, what he's doing, etc, is all very sucky beyond a ratio of five minutes past and five minutes to come.

Today, I called him a dork.


If I'm going to live Cordelia's office life, can I at least have Angel in the inner office instead of a 38 year old, capped-tooth baseball geek who acts like a paper cut is a forced amputation?

Or, if not, can I have her hair? *strokes Cordy's chocolate, dark rum, amber waves of silken silky hair*
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