samsom (samsom) wrote,

Quick post

I've been extra busy with Christmas, work, and family stuff, and I'm pretty damn sure someone shaved off an hour or so of the day so I've been behind even though I'm actually running faster.

The sound of a hampster running frantically on a wheel is purely my imagination, I'm sure.

But I wanted to say my heartfelt thanks and awww shucks to those that responded to my love meme. I really, truly hearts all of you, lurkers and flisters and anyone who actually takes time to read the minutia of my thoughts. I am so gratified by those that are here for the fic, and so abjectly miserable at not having something to offer you. I am hoping for after the New Year, when all the potlucks and shoppping and events are over.

catbirdfish, thanks. :)
Tags: random

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