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tales from a fangirl
Gathering up the babies 
22nd-Dec-2011 10:34 pm
So when I was posting my Fright Night prompt fills the other day, I remembered that I also filled a couple of prompts over at whedon_kinkmeme a couple of months ago. So here they are, unbeta'd and probably cliched as hell at this point. :)


Angel/Cordelia, menstrual blood

He smells it as soon as she walks in the doors. She's ripe and round with it, walking more slowly and sitting gingerly in her chair.

He sits at his desk, his head full of red things, his throat swallowing as though he can taste it already.

She peeks at him while she speaks on the phone or to Wesley and Gunn, little spots of color on her cheeks because she knows what's keeping him so quiet.

She goes to the bathroom more often and he's always waiting for her when she comes out. Asking if she needs anything while his eyes glow down at her. She puts her hand out to his chest and pushes him back a step.

He goes.

Even being pushed away is part of the game.

When Wesley finally leaves and Gunn roars off in his battered pick-up it's just the two of them.

All day waiting and he's so hard it hurts.

But there are rules.

He waits until she comes to him, slides the door to his office shut with a click.

"Something I can do for you, Cordelia?" He asks, voice low and bemused.

"Make room," she tells him as she strides over. He pushes away from his desk and slides down just a little bit in his chair, unconsciously opening his legs so that his hard cock juts up in the confines of his trousers.

Cordelia steps between him and his desk and leans back, sliding up on the edge and back, settling her butt on his desk calendar.

She bites her lip as she spreads her legs and the smell hits him like a truck. All that ripe red just waiting to be tapped.

"You've been very patient." she says, sliding her skirt up her legs. He takes in all the smooth, golden flesh she reveals, and the red thong bisecting her sex.

"I have," he nods, mouth filling with saliva, gums itching as his nostrils fill with the blood ready to bleed from her.

She hooks a finger under the thong and pulls it to the side.

"Come and get it, then."

All is red and clear and burgeoning female flesh begging for assuagement.

He slides closer in his chair, bringing his hands up to her thighs, smoothing his palms over the sensitive skin. The pain she's in amplifies the pleasure of his touch along her nerve endings and she shivers, growing boneless.

He watches the way her eyelids get heavier as he kisses the inside of her knee before sliding his mouth down, and then there's nothing else to see or hear or taste but what she can give him.

She arches back as he bunches his arms under her thighs and brings her into full contact with his hungry mouth, tongue already inside the copper taste of her cunt.

He feels her skirt fall down around his ears and loses himself, licking her clit and labia, the inner lips that swell and widen, and the rich, red nectar that spills out of her when she comes.

Cordelia lies back on his desk and writhes, clutching his head in her hands and pressing his face closer until his nose bumps and rubs her clit in tandem with his tongue spearing her.

He stops and reaches up, sucking hard on her clit before reaching for her opening again with his tongue.

The stained-water ceiling narrows and blurs in her vision as her orgasm reaches up and pulls at her cunt, rippling spasms that make her scream as though she's being pulled apart, and Angel growls as the spill becomes a gush, swallowing while his hands claw at her hips.

When it's done, she falls limply back, legs still spread because she has no bones left in her body.

Angel sits back in his chair, knowing his eyes have changed and his fangs have descended. But not caring. The beast inside of him is satiated and he licks the blood off his lips, knowing that his collar and cuffs are stained with it.

Cordelia is spread before him like a kitten in the sun, boneless and just as satifised as his beast. Her breasts rise from her button down shirt and the nipples are hard, pointing straight to the ceiling.

The beast is satisied, but the man isn't.

He stands and unbuckles his belt, bringing his jutting cock out of hiding and stepping back up to the edge of the desk, sliding her hips down.

He looks at where the tip brushes against her entrance, appreciating the contrast in his pale flesh and her heated and blood smeared center -

And then he thrusts.


Angel/Cordelia, strip club, beige period

The alley stunk like beer and urine, and garbage rot.

She was there to catch a demon that ate strippers - painted like a harlot and wearing sequins and torn fishnet.

He was there hunting his sire, who was now his grandchilde.

They found each other instead, the echo of her harsh words the night Wes got shot hanging between them.

Pissed off still, and not ready to give an inch.

So she bit his tongue instead of sucking on it and he ripped the crotch out of her fishnet, the easier to access her slippery pussy. She was wet the second she saw him and he knew it, fingers itching to play.

The dumpster was dirty but she didn't notice. She only wanted the air between her legs as he spread them and shoved his hips down, hitting her exposed clit like a drumbeat.

She gasped and grabbed the back of his head, pulling until his throat was exposed, dragging her teeth across his Adam's apple, licking his skin.

"See how you like it," she gasped against him as he brought his hand down and made magic in her cunt. He brought her closer with his other hand gripping her hip and slipped a finger inside of her, making her squirm like a fish on a hook, the rough edges of the dumpster scoring the skin of her ass.

"I like it," he whispered with his mouth against her ear. The muffled music of the Kitty Box spilled out every time a customer left through the back way, but the shadows hid them from curious eyes.

Grunting, she fought down the orgasm that threatened to overwhelm her, unwilling to go there alone. He controlled too much of her life already, even when he wasn't there, she wouldn't let him have this too.

Ignoring the earthquakes along her inner walls as he stroked her labia with such loving, soft fingers, she reached down and fumbled with the button and zipper of his trousers, roughly pulling them apart and down off his ass, freeing his cock.

She grasped it, feeling the velvet soft steel. Somehow it suprised her how hard he was. He grunted along her jawline, pushing against her palm. She brought it close to her pussy, stroking him against her without putting him inside, their knuckles rubbing together.

He growled, and the tightness inside her pussy increased, her whole body pushing at him as he pushed back between her legs.

"You want to be inside me?" she whispered. He grabbed the back of her head, echoing her earlier move, and pulled her head back, grunting and growling against her mouth as her hand worked him, her juices lubricating her hand as she stroked the underside of his cock.

"You know I can't," he replied, rubbing closer, hips pumping his cock in her hold. "You know I can't." He let go of her head and reached down to her ass, pulling her closer until she barely had room to stroke him.

He crammed another finger in with the first, swirling them around inside her until desire rose up like flames from a fire, threatening to cut her breathing off. She moaned and worked closer, wrapping her legs around his thighs.

"Why?" she grunted as she tried to slip the head of his cock inside her. He pulled his fingers out and grabbed her head, holding her still, looking down into her eyes.

He was going to say something, she saw it, but he stopped himself. Instead he kissed her, tongue slipping in her mouth and stroking the way she had his cock in her hand.

He stopped fighting and she slipped him inside, groaning at the way he filled her. It hurt, but even that was good.

Angel fucked her with long strokes, holding her in his arms against the dumpster, filling her until her eyes closed and her head fell back and it looked, from a distance, like he was killing her.

As she came, she felt him come too, and maybe he was killing her.

But she was taking him with her.

PS, I didn't title them because I hate titling fic, it's my least favorite part of the whole process. And for fills at a kink meme? Extra no thanks. But if anyone wants to title them, and I like the title, I'll use it and credit you. :)
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