samsom (samsom) wrote,

30 Days Couples Meme-Day 9

I'm catching up, not spamming your flist. :)

Oh God, easy peasy. Cordelia/Angel. They evolved slowly, naturally, and believably.

From strangers who got along

to advesaries

to the beginnings of friendship

and flirting

along with some bumps

and sweet, sweet forgiveness

and sometimes when you almost lose someone, you realize they mean more to you than you ever thought possible

and theb you realize you're in love

and it feels so right

and you realize you're holding everything you ever wanted in your arms

and you never want to let go


So what I'm trying to say is that Cordelia and Angel are in a unique position in the Buffyverse. They are the only pairing that had room to grow naturally over two series and seven years, and they're the only couple that was built on a foundation of friendship and mutual, genuine respect that never wavered.

I love them so much!!!!!

Tags: 30 days couples meme, c/a talk

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