samsom (samsom) wrote,

A synopsis of my Saturday

I stayed up until two in the morning last night because I was determined to clean my kitchen before I went to bed. Did the dishes, cleaned the countertops, changed the bathroom garbage, swept and Swiffled the kitchen floor.

Went to bed until almost 11 a.m., got up and made banana pancakes for the kidlets, did more dishes, showered and met a friend in town for a picnic of Thai food and Dr. Pepper in the park, then had ice cream, said goodbye, got in my car and went to Target for an hour where I bought shower curtains, tops and shorts for the kids, then hit the sales racks, coming away with two tops I think will be okay for summers at work, came home and now I'm perusing the Internet before I start dinner. After that, I will be shoring up my laundry, cleaning my daughter's room, and scrubbing the bathroom tub before hanging the new shower curtain. After that, I will probably do a little slap and tickle with the husband, go to sleep and when I wake up it'll be Sunday.

Tomorrow, me and hubby plan on taking the kids someplace sandy and sunny because kids need their Vitamin D.

When we get home, I will go to sleep and as soon as Monday rolls around, I'll go to work so I can relax.

Too bad there's no room for writing anywhere in there. *heart breaks*

Tags: random

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