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Meme pt 5

This is the last part. And that kind of makes me sad. *sigh*

43. How far did they get in formal education? What are their views on formal education vs self-education?

Cornell Chase was an advocate for higher education (and a boot-straps attitude which turned his father’s business from a one town endeavor to a state-wide corporation) so naturally Cordelia believes one can only benefit from higher learning and she fully expected to graduate top ten percent of her college class as well. When it didn’t happen, when she realized she wasn’t going to be able to go to any of the schools that accepted her, she had to take a few moments and absorb that. It wasn’t her fault, but she still felt as though she failed for not being able to go to college, like she was less than.

It wasn’t until she found a key word in an ancient text in time to save a client about to be sacrificed to a Cthultu cult that she realized there was one more than one type of education in life and that she was doing fine with Wesley and Angel as teachers.

44. Religion?

For a girl working for an unseen group of forces who navigate the waters of good and evil, Cordelia is relatively religion-free. She was raised Presbyterian but never really paid much attention in church, and after she got the visions, she was frequently aware that the Powers could be dumbasses, so she felt no overwhelming urge to worship them. Especially when she’s come out of a vision to find groups of tourists standing around taking pictures of her while she drooled on sidewalks all over Los Angeles.

45. Superstitions or views on the occult?

Cordelia isn’t very superstitious, she’s too level headed to answer chain letters and spam email that tells her if she doesn’t send hearts and Care Bears to twenty more people, she won’t get her fondest wish. But she’s not stupid enough to stare into a mirror and repeat a specific word five times in a row either. She has a respect for lore and doesn’t want to challenge urban myths unnecessarily, unless a client is at risk.

The occult is her business, and it was also part of her formative years, so yeah, she kinda buys into it, depending on the situation.

46. Do they express their thoughts through words or deeds?

Cordelia says what she thinks, and she backs it up with her actions. She is a prefect triumvirate of truth, expression and execution.

47. If they were to fall in love, who (or what) is their ideal?

The men whom Cordelia has been in love with, or almost in love with, have a heroic quality in common. She would never had said this was her ideal because she always thought in terms of the material. Meeting the Scoobies challenged that, especially when she realized that a dork like Xander could be brave while a jock would have left her to burn. Moving to LA, Doyle and Angel cemented her unsettling realization that rich, spendy, handsome men weren’t enough for her – probably never had been. But programmed by her parents to look for only one set of traits, it never occurred to her that there were others she valued far more until she encountered Buffy’s world.

These days she doesn’t feel like she has an ideal.

Life was the road that started with Buffy and Xander and the supernatural in Sunnydale, and it led her to LA. Which led her to Doyle and the visions and the helpless and that path ended with Angel. It started with Angel too, she supposes. But it’s hard to figure out the start of the path and the end. He’s always been there, it seems. She was either throwing herself at him or running from him and then she was fighting with him and holding onto him with every fiber of her being. Now -

There’s no ideal, no fantasy, no vision of a happily ever after.

There's only Angel.

48. How do they express love?

Cordelia read the Five Love Languages at Lorne’s suggestion during a long, uncomfortable weekend staking out a vamp brothel.

It seemed appropriate.

Truthfully the book was seriously dry, but she did find out her expressions of love were through Acts of Service. She totally doesn’t see herself as anyone’s mother figure (hello, barely twenty-two!) but she was the one who made sure the guys ate and had blood (flavored blood, not that Angel appreciated the little touches), and she was the one who patched up the wounds and dug out the bullets and kept the First Aid kits well supplied. She looked out for their mental well-being as well, although sometimes she got impatient with how hung up they were on her delivery of advice rather than what she was trying to say. Not everyone was Dear Abby, for God’s sake!

When she’s with a guy – like, with a guy – there’s always a lot of petting. Cordelia grew up surrounded by rich fabrics and luxurious touches, so she’s tactile as hell. Affectionate and downright annoying in her need to kiss and be kissed.

Being possessed by dead lovers really did a number on her, though, which was the only way she could explain her sudden need to be with Groo. Once she found a way to keep the visions and have him, she wore him out that first night in Mexico.

If she kept dreaming that she was making love to Angel rather than Groo on that vacation, it was only because she worked around the vampire a lot. There was bound to be spillage.

Didn’t mean anything.

Months later when she had nothing to do but float in the stratosphere and recount her life day by day, she could only conclude that she was the universe’s biggest idiot.

49. If this person were to get into a fist fight, what is their fighting style like?

She hasn’t been in a lot of hand to hand combat situations in her life. In Sunnydale she either had Buffy between her and lurking danger, or she ran a lot. In LA, she had Angel and axes and crossbows between her and whatever wanted to hit her. But since Angel started training her, she fights a lot like him, adding her own grace and gymnastics training, and taking full advantage of her smaller stature. Caught Darla by surprise, didn’t she?

50. Is this person afraid of dying? Why or why not?

She’d be an idiot not to be afraid of dying, mainly because better people than her have died. Hell, Buffy died, and she’s the Slayer. It’s not pretty and it’s not painless. But the life she’s chosen for herself, every single time she chose to keep the visions and stay with Angel, comes with an expiration date. She realized that when she watched Doyle die. She only hopes that when her time comes, she’ll die with the same courage he did. It was the least she could do to honor not just Doyle, but Angel and her own choice to stay and fight.

She hoped to make herself proud.

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