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The C/A domesticity meme

in its entirety. Thank you very much to manthk for sending it my way. I loved doing C/A relationship bliss. :)

who is the big spoon/little spoon:

Most times Angel curls around Cordelia, arms wrapped around her torso, with one thumb stroking over the scar on her abdomen where the rebar pierced her. He doesn’t always sleep, because nighttime brings all the smells and sounds that make the monster in him restless, even with the windows closed. Instead he stares out the balcony windows, listening to Cordelia breathe and fight not to feel the most content he’s ever been.

The loophole in the curse has been voided but it was hard to let go of old fears.

Some nights, though, it’s Cordelia who curls around Angel, arms wrapped around his shoulders. These are the nights when his dreams are sharper, more real, and he will shake just a little, make a noise in the back of his throat. She doesn’t wake him; she just makes gentling sounds and strokes her hand soothingly over the bare skin of his collarbone.

He usually calms down after a while and she falls asleep with her forehead pressed between his shoulderblades, her breath rushing over his tattoo.

what is their favorite non-sexual activity:

They talk a lot. Angel will slouch in his comfy chair and Cordelia will lay herself sideways at the foot of his bed, her head propped up by a hand. She asks about the ‘powered wig days’ and he obliges with a more sterile version of historical events he has been witness to. It’s not a lot, but she loves the way he embellishes things so that they seem more real, especially the evolution of fashion. Darla was a clotheshorse (the only other thing besides loving Connor that Cordelia has in common with the dead vampire), and followed the trends of the day voraciously, with Angel standing as her footman occasionally. He leaves out the bloody parts and Darla’s name as much as he can, and just concentrates on the parts that make Cordelia smile.

Neither of them would say these talks were necessarily non-sexual, though. Not with the way Angel’s eyes trace the curves and dips of Cordelia’s body over his bed. And the gleam in Cordelia’s eyes wasn’t innocent, by any stretch. She knows exactly what that pose does to him.

who uses all the hot water in the morning:

Cordelia. She needs it to feel clean after a night of grubbing it through the sewers of LA, and Angel shouldn’t mind the cold water anyway because hello, room temperature vampire. This is what Cordelia tells him anyway, and he doesn’t argue. A disgruntled Cordelia usually means a less affectionate Cordelia, and Angel would rather feel cold water on his skin for a few necessary minutes than her cold shoulder all day long.

what they order from take out:

Thanks to Fred, Cordelia loves the burritos and tacos from Old Monterey, and tries to order from there at least twice a month. She also loves Thai and Indian, her ears getting red from the spices, but she worries about her hips getting bigger as a result. Angel just shrugs and sips his blood. Later in bed he’ll pay extra attention with his tongue and teeth to those worrisome areas of hers, and she’ll wake up smiling the next morning, craving tacos and mango curry more than ever.

what is the most trivial thing they fight over

What to spend their discretionary income on. Usually Cordelia waits until Angel’s about to fall asleep and then brings up her burning need for a sailboat or a cabin at Big Bear or the next big trend in nighttime hang gliding.

He reminds her of their bills and then they back and forth it until they’re both asleep.

Sometimes he continues the arguments in his dreams, and wonders if she does. When she elbows him in the ribs at four in the morning when he reaches for her, he figures the answer is yes.

who does most of the cleaning:

Cordelia straightens and then she and Angel get down and dirty with the scrubbing a couple times a month. She suggested hiring a cleaning service once, at least for the downstairs areas, but Angel pointed out the easily visible and very unexplainable pentagram on the lobby floor that would send any sensible cleaning crew running as soon as they set eyes on it.

To reward him for his logic, she handed over the latex gloves and pine cleaner.

who controls the netflix queue:

Angel. Ever since he found out he could order the complete Bonanza and Gunsmoke series just by pushing a couple buttons.

what has a season pass in their DVR:

Cordelia. Angel handed it over as soon as she explained the Netflix queue to him.

who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working:

As soon as she has to put socks on in August in LA, Cordelia gives Angel her disgruntled face until he agrees to call in a professional. Angel hates spending the money, but he hates spending the night at his desk instead of in his bed even more.

who steals the blankets:

Angel doesn’t really need the heat so he lets Cordelia have most of them, but Cordelia always belly crawls across the bed towards him in her sleep anyway, so they end up sharing a lot of nights.

who leaves their stuff around:

Cordelia, “because she has more stuff” and his suite is not that big. He doesn’t mind, not really, because he loves being surrounded by her things. It makes him feel surrounded by her. As long as she doesn’t leave wet towels on his damned chairs.

who remembers to buy the milk:

They rarely buy the normal things that most couples have in their fridge because their life isn’t exactly one where they’ll remember to throw it out when it expires. Maybe because of that, Angel will buy a quart of milk and a package of Oreos and stand in the kitchen after a particularly nasty case and watch Cordelia pull the cookie apart and dip them in the milk. She gets a milk moustache and Angel ends up wishing he’d known her when she was a kid, so he could see a younger Cordelia with her milk moustache and her missing front teeth.

And then he thinks how disturbing that actually sounds and shakes it off.

who remembers anniversaries:

Cordelia. She keeps the calendar up in her phone and reminds Angel of the big ones. Angel’s so old, been through so many markers of time, things like numbers on a calendar – or even calendars – don’t mean as much as they should. Sometimes he struggles to remember the dates of Darla’s death and the year he made Drusilla. These aren’t things he shares with his true love, but he appreciates that she tries to mark the passage of time for him. It helps keep him grounded in life.

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