samsom (samsom) wrote,

Oh wow

I don't think I've ever gone over a month without updating, even if it's about nothing.

Well, nothing fandom-wise has been going on. I wished I was writing but I seem to be on a unplanned hiatus. Which sucks because I MISS writing, and I miss writing about my OTP.

So much, in fact, that I'm watching a Lifetime movie because it's got Charisma Carpenter in it. And God, she's still sooo amazingly beautiful....and a better actress than she gets credit for being, if given the right material. She's not natural in the femme fatale type roles she seems to get a lot, because I honestly believe that's not who she is. But humor and dark drama, she's really good at those. As much as I enjoy the sight of my girl in a leather catsuit or black bikini, it's not who she is. Luckily, she can rock a pantsuit as well as a nightie, so hopefully she'll be getting more of those types of roles.

Oh, hey, I moved!

I was in my old rental for far too long, over a decade, and the house was showing its age. The rent was too good, though, so I stayed. But my kids were outgrowing the place, and I realized one day while I was doing the monthly household budget, that I could actually afford to pay for over double what I was in rent. So I haunted Craigslist the whole month of December practically and found the most amazing two-story house with a ton of high windows and lots of natural light. Two and a half baths, a front living room, and a family room with an electric fireplace.

The best part is getting new furniture, for free practically because I'm getting a tax refund this year.

So while the move itself nearly killed me AND broke the bank (movers - expensive BUT SO WORTH IT), life is good. Really good.

Not much more to report than that. *shrug* These days I'm thinking more about what to hang on my walls and what kind of easy chair would look good with oatmeal carpeting than I am about fandom things. I think when I'm more settled and the furniture's been chosen, I'll be able to get back to my slacker habits. Let's hope so anyway. :)

Tags: charisma, random

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