samsom (samsom) wrote,

To the people

who were in line with me at the grocery store tonight.

Heavy Breather behind me -

please don't stand so close to me that you can literally smell my shampoo without any extra effort. I am a woman with personal bubble issues, and do not appreciate being so close to my fellow human beings.

Also, all those cup o' noodles are nothing but empty calories, my friend.

To the woman in front of me with the ADD child running circles around you -

Please don't leave your cart right in front of the debit terminal while you pack groceries at the other end of the conveyor belt. Not only can I not pay for the three items the cashier has already begun to ring up, I can't get away from the Heavy Breather behind me.


I swear, I need to channel bold Cordelia Chase a little more often, and meek Willow a little bit less.
Tags: random

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