samsom (samsom) wrote,


Still here, I promise. But, this is my life right now:

*get up, make breakfast for kids, drive to work, work, drive home, stop at the grocery store and fight other after-work shoppers, drive home , make dinner, yell at kids to [fill in blank], yell at husband to [fill in blank], attempt to hear about everyone's day, clean after-dinner dishes, go on nightly 3 mile hike, go home, prep for the next day, fall into bed frantically thinking of ways to get more sleep the next night, go to sleep, wake up too early and start again*

I'm not even exaggerating for effect.

But the fangirl known as Samsom is still buried underneath mom/wife/office-worker, and she still wants to play. But unless there's been a discovery of 6 extra hours in the day, it won't happen soon. So keep it alive for me, fandom, I *will* be back.
Tags: update

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