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Cordy question

We know Cordelia is a girl that takes crap from no one, whether it's a ghost trying to get her to kill herself or Lilah Morgan, but there's always been something that I've gone back to time and again, wondering what it supposed to mean for her character.

In The Harvest, Vamp!Jesse stalks up to Cordelia, who is gabbing with her friends at the Bronze. He's dark, mysterious, and more than a little dangerous (read: Sexy). He tells her to dance with him, and I'm pretty sure he told her to shut up too. From what we know about Cordy, she should have told him to shove it and move off. She doesn't though. She takes his hand, lets him lead her to the dance floor, and mutters, rather weakly, "well, maybe one dance" to boot!

Okay, this is early Cordy - second episode of the first season. She's not even close to being fleshed out. But it's canon, it happened, so within the context of that world and her character, why would she give in like that? Is Cordelia attracted to that kind of dark, dangerous hotness? Is Cordelia submissive in the right situation, with the right guy? If Pack!Xander decided to do the same thing, would she have had the same reaction? If Angelus (before he started killing Buffy's friends)?

In RL news, a co-worker kept making me giggle today by spamming me with Angel pics. Hee! The last two were B/A, though, and I nearly emailed her back and asked for some C/A - but I suddenly pictured trying to explain the difference, my preferences.....her backing away carefully.....

So I didn't. But it was nice of her, and completely out of the blue.
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