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tales from a fangirl
Staying home with snot coming out of my eyes and nose isn't fun.… 
11th-Oct-2007 03:39 pm
Staying home with snot coming out of my eyes and nose isn't fun. Especially since I can't take any antibiotics or my usual pill complement to ward off the sinus infection. That, along with caffeine headaches, is really making me not a fun person to be around.

But if I must stay home, then at least I can do something fun like watch the first season of Dexter, which I did all day yesterday and this morning (and I do believe it has desensitized me to violence and gore for, like, *ever*), and Fright Night, which I'm watching right now.

I love vampire movies, especially the ones with seductive, thousand year old vampires and a fight to the finish. It's campy fun and doesn't take itself so seriously. Although, my favorite part is when Peter Vincent, Fearless Vampire Killer, actually does manage to kill a real vampire, and finds out it's not as easy or as uneffecting as what he did in the movies. Evil dies slowly, and painfully, and I really thought it was poignant, the compassion on Peter's face warring with revulsion, the way he tries to reach out to the dying boy at the same time being so afraid to, and how seeing Evil freed of the, uh, evil inside, was fortifying to Vincent, that what he did was right and good. Surprisingly deep, but pleasantly so.

I liked the second Fright Night as well, but not as much as the first. The second movie has a woman vampire, not as seductive to me, but it also has Charlie's girlfriend taking on a stronger role, fighting to save him from Regine's bite. So I guess it's all good. Though I thought it was hokey, Jerry Dandridge having a sister who also happens to be an undead fiend.

12th-Oct-2007 03:02 am (UTC)
Dexter is such an awesome show. I love it ♥

AND OMG FRIGHT NIGHT lol I used to watch Fright Night all the time when I was younger. I own it on VHS and now DVD. Loves it. I was totally crushing on William Ragsdale lol GOD! Definitely a classic. Good times! I liked part two, as well, but it couldn't touch the first.
12th-Oct-2007 03:31 am (UTC)
Dexter....man, why'd it have to be this show? I was practically watching through my hands at certain points. But it's *so* good. The ending of the first season was awesome and proves that Dexter isn't as dead inside as he thinks he is. He can cry over someone and he can be 'fond' of someone, so he hasn't completely lost his humanity.

I'm def doing the second season on dvd. I don't want to wait a week between episodes.

I watched The Lost Boys the most. Once I bought the videotape, I watched that movie so many times, I'm surprised it didn't wear the VCR out. I liked Michael and David both, but Michael looked all yummy when he had the bloodlust so I thought he edged David out.
12th-Oct-2007 10:45 am (UTC)
Hugs, honey.

You can have up to 300mg of caffeine per day, if you're desperate. I still drank tea when I was pregnant. There is approx 100mg in a standard flat white coffee, and about 40mg in an English Breakfast tea. You're also allowed Tylenol. Get better soon!
13th-Oct-2007 02:36 am (UTC)
Oh my God, I didn't know that! Thank you SO MUCH for telling me I can have caffeine. You're my new BFF! Hee! *twirls you*

I am, and always will be, desperate for caffeine.

The Tylenol, while better than nothing, barely dents my headache. Luckily, I am much better today. *g*
13th-Oct-2007 11:25 am (UTC)
Glad to be of help, hun! I read so much about pregnancy before and while I was expecting, I feel like a walking encyclopedia now. I did some Googling and most sites agree that 300mg a day or less is fine. I found this chart as a guide for how much caffeine is in things. A normally brewed 5oz cup is approx 100mg. Or...

* Starbucks Grande Coffee (16 oz) 400 mg
* Starbucks House Blend Coffee (16 oz) 259 mg
* Dr. Pepper (12 oz) 37 mg
* 7 Eleven Big Gulp Diet Coke (32 oz) 124 mg
* 7 Eleven Big Gulp Coca-Cola (32 oz) 92 mg
* Ben & Jerry's Coffee Buzz Ice Cream (8 oz) 72 mg
* Baker's chocolate (1 oz) 26 mg
* Green tea (6 oz) 40 mg
* Black tea (8oz) 60 mg
* Excedrin (per capsule) 65mg

I'm glad your head feels better. Caffeine is also a painkiller, you know :o)
13th-Oct-2007 12:15 am (UTC)
I named my daughter after Amy in FN, lol. And awwe, Evil. That scene was immensely emotional. Amy's mouth when a vampire (in the cellar also was coo-ell, lol. I nearly spilt my drink the first time I watched that scene.

"DON'T call me Evil!!!!" ;-)
13th-Oct-2007 02:38 am (UTC)
OMG, I grooved on the sexy disco dancing scene so many times, wrote it over and over in an original story, trying to perfect it.

And Amy was a total babe as a vamp, even with that extra wide grin. *g*

Man, that was some scary sh*t.
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