samsom (samsom) wrote,

Staying home with snot coming out of my eyes and nose isn't fun. Especially since I can't take any antibiotics or my usual pill complement to ward off the sinus infection. That, along with caffeine headaches, is really making me not a fun person to be around.

But if I must stay home, then at least I can do something fun like watch the first season of Dexter, which I did all day yesterday and this morning (and I do believe it has desensitized me to violence and gore for, like, *ever*), and Fright Night, which I'm watching right now.

I love vampire movies, especially the ones with seductive, thousand year old vampires and a fight to the finish. It's campy fun and doesn't take itself so seriously. Although, my favorite part is when Peter Vincent, Fearless Vampire Killer, actually does manage to kill a real vampire, and finds out it's not as easy or as uneffecting as what he did in the movies. Evil dies slowly, and painfully, and I really thought it was poignant, the compassion on Peter's face warring with revulsion, the way he tries to reach out to the dying boy at the same time being so afraid to, and how seeing Evil freed of the, uh, evil inside, was fortifying to Vincent, that what he did was right and good. Surprisingly deep, but pleasantly so.

I liked the second Fright Night as well, but not as much as the first. The second movie has a woman vampire, not as seductive to me, but it also has Charlie's girlfriend taking on a stronger role, fighting to save him from Regine's bite. So I guess it's all good. Though I thought it was hokey, Jerry Dandridge having a sister who also happens to be an undead fiend.

Tags: '80's vampire movies, living with snot

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