samsom (samsom) wrote,

Dexter. Wow.

This show is good.

So good.

Like dark chocolate with a rasberry center good.

Like I need a freakin' cigarette good.

I love how, as methodical as Dexter usually is about his kills, as careful as he is about not leaving trace evidence behind with the sterile way he bags a room during and after his work is done, when confronted with someone who'd wronged him personally, he completely unravels. He confronted his mother's butcher, and he was completely sloppy - it was unplanned, he let the guy see him, and he left trace evidence everywhere. He let his emotions, his complete homocidal rage, overtake him. And it illustrated how tightly he keeps himself under control most of the time. The fact that he didn't kill the guy after his sponsor tells him, over the phone, what it'll do to his idiotic recovery (there's a twelve step program for serial killing? Really?), is significant to Dexter regaining his lost humanity.

Plus I loved how he dreamed that he saved his mom from being butchered, dressed as the Dark Defender. It was oddly sweet coming from someone who has said he never dreams, that falling asleep is like falling into a dark empty void.

Can't wait for next week.

Also, I seemed to be cursed in that the shows that I watch, Bones and Dexter, do not go hand in hand with eating food. Ugh.
Tags: dexter

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