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tales from a fangirl
Uh yeah 
2nd-Jan-2006 03:34 pm

::glances nervously out the kitchen window::

Being in California, and not the northern part, I'm not used to this. And hey, not afraid to say it's making me nervous. It has been steadily raining since last night - the second front. The first one came on Saturday. This morning, becoming slightly conscious at certain points, I dreamt the house floated away. Not an altogether unfounded fear after the funfest of the last year, I think.

Then I wonder about the soundness of the these California domiciles under the brunt of these kinds of flickering-lights/flying-garbage-cans/sirens-in-the-distance wind-driven storms.

People on the east coast would no doubt tell me to suck it up already - hell, in my more calm moments I'm telling myself to suck it up. But ::sigh:: Nature has already proven herself the biggest bitch on the block...about two or five times over in the last three years. I just don't want to be in her way again when she wants another rumble.

I still dream about earthquakes.

In other news, I'm starting to wonder if there are subliminal messages going on in Shrek 2. The movie is great, and my 2-year old daughter loves it more every time she watches it (twice or so on weekends), but inevitably, once the villains are beaten and the heroes burst into song, her eyes get bright, her chin trembles, and the poor thing is sobbing in my arms. Every. Single. Time. How is it she can have such a horrible reaction to the end of a movie she shushs me during so she can hear better? I have no idea.

On the lazy and bright side, I have been having a great time reading year end fic roundups and recs. Hell, I've even started reading just a wee bit of slash. Not something I see becoming any kind of an obsession, but it reassures me that I can still have an open mind if I try.

I'm more likely to read femmeslash than slash. And even then, it has to make sense.

I like any Buffy/Faith where Faith is in a bad way for that cotton-candy looking blonde ex-cheerleader, and Buffy is nearly-but-not-quite aware of it.

In slash, again, has to make sense. Angel/Lindsay and all that hate/intensity/burning obsession on Lindsay's part, and Angel just looming over him, knowing what Lindsay *needs* because he can *smell* it, with a need of his own to dominate the lawyer because Lindsay bleeds so pretty.

I'm mostly a het girl and I rarely draw my eyes from C/A, but when I do, it's because the Spuffy has lured me with its dark thrills.

I really wish I could find more Giles/Cordy fic where she's still in high school, and he's more self-confident Ripper aware of her charms, but not outwardly so, than stuttering Watcher. THAT kink was born after watching "Killed By Death" and the absolutely smoking library scene where she drives Giles crazy with her mouth questions.

But I am loving all the fic I have been reading. This fandom shows no signs of dying out and for that I'm grateful. I've never glommed onto a 'verse like I did the Buffyverse. I came close with Xena, but the finale burnt that bridge, I'm afraid.

I curse and am thankful for Joss Whedon all at once. It's a weird feeling.

Well, I do suppose that's enough randomness for one day. Bills are waiting, after all, and won't pay themselves.
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