samsom (samsom) wrote,

Post-Thanksgiving blurgh

I cooked. I ate. I ate more.

Then, for kicks, I ate even more.

It was nice. I shipped all the food over to my brother's, for he has more room and a way better dining room table that extends. It was small this year, just me and mine and my bro and his son. And a friend of the boy's. Six people with no expectations of culinary virtuosity.

My kind of holiday, ya know?

When the first phase of eating was done, everyone retired to the living room for football and movies, and I went into my brother's bedroom with my trusty laptop and wrote more of my *cough*Halloween fic*cough*.

I've done 4475 words after rebooting the whole thing two weeks ago, and it's almost done. *crosses fingers* I may have something to post at ST by the end of this weekend. I'll be glad. I'd love to hold my head up high and finally start reading the other fic there.

Right now I'm frying potatoes for breakfast.

Next up, scrambled eggs and toast.

Hope everyone who celebrated the ritual sacrifice (with pie) had a great time and help with the dishes. Cheers!

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