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tales from a fangirl
So, um 
17th-Feb-2008 11:12 pm
Kevin Spacey's character in LA Confidential, he was supposed to telegraph as homoerotic, yes?

It couldn't have been accidental, could it?

I love this movie. It was probably the main reason I adored Russell Crowe for so long. Macho and simple and short tempered, and a big ass softie underneath. *melts*

Plus, it's a great story. Awesome plot and acting. Subtle, where everything ties together but it never spoon feeds anything to the audience. I wonder if I should read the book, too?

The writer has an interesting and very tragic past, and it bleeds into his work a lot, I understand.

Reminds me of The Crow.

Sometimes I think it's not a good idea to let so much of yourself into your art, whatever it is, but especially if it's writing. But the most memorable things to me are the things that spring from real experiences so maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it makes it resonate more. But it would make it hard, wouldn't it, to enjoy it for its own sake if it takes you back to something painful, or even hear about it from other people?

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