samsom (samsom) wrote,

Fandom finally invades my subconscious

Last night I dreamt Captain John from Torchwood (haven't seen a single episode) landed in my house somehow. We were old friends, he wanted to drop by, say hi, give me a peck. I was fond of him but unwilling to leave my family to head off to the stars even though I knew that's what he wanted. That life isn't for me anymore, I remember thinking.

Luckily he brought along this tweeny little blonde that was only to happy to go with him anywhere he wanted. She leapt into his arms and I waved bye-bye.

Afterwards, I realized he brought along a galactatic war with him and I ran outside to watch ships fighting each other in the night sky, surrounded by stars. Dudes! It was just like the cut scene from the beginning of Star Wars. Little ships dive bombing big cruisers, and firing their laser canons. I remembering thinking it was so pretty.

Then I got worried that when the ships were shot, they were going to fall out of the sky and right on top of my house.

Exactly how many fandoms was my subconscious referencing anyway?

Speaking of dreams, the other night I dreamt I was filing in the file room and kept finding kittens in envelopes, and I kept trying to return them to the momma cat, only I couldn't find the momma cat.

That dream was less cryptic, I think.


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