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tales from a fangirl
Oh! Oh! Oh! 
7th-Mar-2006 12:01 pm
Watching Xena on Logo. This one's the Lost Mariner. Average ep, but had some great old skool subtext going on. Gabs gets picked up by a cursed ship, and Xena doesn't. So Xena runs along the coast, fights off a few grounded pirates, spots Gabrielle on the ship and against all odds and gravity, spins/flies her way on board. Er, on board a cursed ship, which means she can't ever get off of it unless she dies. But...

Nothing keeps Xena from Gabrielle. If she doesn't do such a good job of suppressing her darker nature, it wouldn't be a good thing. But she does, and so we get an 'awwww' moment when she lands on the deck and Gabrielle gives her a 'hero's welcome' of a hug. The rest of the hour is spent trying to break the curse but that's a minor point for me, X/G shipper that I am.
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