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I finally have more than a few minutes to post something. The baby is sleeping soundly after a bath and bottle and I don't have a five year old trying to crawl into my available lap because she's at school and the hubby is at the gym.

It's not 'mine, all mine' time, but it's close enough for government work.

*wiggles toes in imaginary grass*

Yesterday hubby called in sick and we took the babies to the beach. It was nice, some bonding time we'd been needing for a while now. My daughter dashed about like a mad thing, in and out of the waves, yelling at the ocean. It was a total joy to watch. I took about four thousand pictures, none of which she'd pose for - it was more like a catch and release situation. I imagine I looked and acted like a nightmare mom, squeeing 'omg, she's so cute!' to no one in particular as I snapped away. Too bad. I've got c-section scars, stretch marks, and a permanent muffin top so she's just gonna have to deal. :D

I Bijorn-ed Connor, and he slept pretty snuggly against my pillowy breasts the whole time we were on the beach. At first I was amazed he could but then I figured the sound of waves counted as white noise. I was just grateful in any case.

Hubby let her pick out her own ice cream and she went with some blue freakish monstrosity, and he laughed as it melted all over her new shirt and her clean shoes and I just had to close my eyes and turn away and let her. *deep breath*

Then we bought her a new game for her Leapster, got some Thai and came home. It was a nice break from the heat and everyone was much more relaxed for having been out and about.

In fic news, I'm actually working on two. One little one purely off the top of my head and total cracky sin, and the other a bit longer, but still. Cracky fun. Unfortunately I've only been working on them in bits and pieces as I go.

Um, has anyone gotten a gander at the previews for a new show called The Cleaner? It's starring Benjamin Bratt as a man that's apparently hit bottom and needed to be something other than he was, so he tools around in an old pick up helping the people society has forgotten about. Drug addicts and such. Something about the whole set up reminds me of Angel very much, especially the first season. He just needs to be something more than he was. I like that idea. I hope the execution is as good as the set up.

I've also been wrangling with my old company to get my benefit amount paid to me now in one lump sum instead of doling it out to me when I'm sixty-five. Our retirement is set up quite well through my husband's work and I was only with the company for not quite twelve years so my share would only come out to $150 a month. I seriously doubt that'd mean much in thirty years, considering how little it means now. To me, anyway. But of course they're being resistent buttheads. I'd love to pay off one of our cars, and I can with $4000. It would make paying daycare for a second child so much easier on us. Stupid money. Sometimes I hate it.

Anyway, Connor is stirring. Gotta go.
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