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It's been on my mind lately so I popped in Passion for a quick looky-loo and just had to laugh in the midst of all that tragedy.

Not only does Buffy - or is it Willow? - have garlic strung up all over her headboard in her bedroom, I just now noticed when Xander and Cordelia drive up to the house that Cordelia also has something like four or six bulbs of garlic hanging in the interior of her car.

Poor baby. It may have been played for laughs, but she must have been so scared of Angel getting into her car to do something like that.

But does garlic even work with Whedon vampires? I don't think they ever said. But there was that other time Buffy hangs up garlic around her bed in s6 in an attempt to repel Spike.

As if, btw. He probably likes it on his pizza.


Oh. And poor Jenny. I still can't watch the moment Angel snaps her neck. I remember when it first aired, I expected someone Buffy-shaped to swoop in and save her (this was before I knew how evil Joss Whedon frequently is to the women on his shows not named Willow).


It was a bit odd to see Buffy, Xander, Cordelia and Willow at the Bronze laughing and obviously enjoying themselves while Angel runs around with the stated intent of killing Buffy's friends. Unless Buffy's sphere of friends begins and ends with Giles, Xander and Willow. And since they're always with her, they're safe enough.

I know the rest of the town suffered but hey, it's Sunnydale. If Angel didn't get them, the next vampire/wolfperson/invisible girl/preying mantis would. Frankly, as unPC as this is to say, I could think of worse ways to go than at the end of his fangs.

*laughs uproariously*

Ahem. Bad girl. No cookie.


Giles was completely hot swinging that bat into the fire and then at Angel without even breaking stride. Guh.


I love this episode. It has so much atmosphere. A single red rose against black and rotted wood, beautiful works of art from the hand of a soulless monster, champagne bottles and death laid out to look like love. Nighttime, scent of damp earth, the cold night air sweeping into a warm house. The monster outside a window, smiling because he can reach them without ever touching them.

The whole season is awesome but this episode is the pinnacle.
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